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An instant effect is achieved thanks to natural ingredients that have been proven effective in the field of nutrition for a long time

In fact, this product is drops that contain vitamins B2, B5, B6, B12, caffeine, chitosan, Coleus Forskohlii extract, guarani extract, Fucus algae extract, succinic acid and L-carnitine. . Eco Slim is produced with European technology and approved by the Food and Drug Quality and Sanitation Department.

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Eco Slim triggers fat decomposition, accelerates metabolism, reduces appetite, improves digestion, detoxifies the body, eliminates excess fluid, blocks the formation of fat stores. Thus, a man can lose weight without diet and physical activity.

Hélène Lefevre: The properties of this product are amazing. But where do you think the danger for our dear spectators is?

Roux, doctor of medicine: It is confirmed that the danger principle is diets. When you take Eco Slim, you don't have to follow a diet, the fat stores will still disappear. The body needs the nutrients found in food.

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Another reason is that when slimming comes so easily, the person becomes overexcited below. She starts to think that she can slim down more, and that she should lose more pounds, it's just that she never lost weight so quickly in her life. But she realizes the situation too late.

Nathalie suffers from anorexia. The girl didn't even realize how she lost 20 pounds. She says she's lost weight in 17 days!

Hélène Lefevre: Michel, I completely agree with you, more and more women nowadays have to confront this problem. But still, what do you recommend to our spectators, is there any way you could warn them about this problem? Redhead, doctor of medicine: I guess the most effective method in this case will be a simple statement: decide before how much weight you want to lose, for example if you weigh 80 kg, you could say you want to reach the weight of 55 kg. To reach this goal, you would need 3 weeks of Eco Slim, and no more! So take the product for exactly 1 month, eat what you want, and by the time the scale shows 55 kg - stop completely losing the product. This way, you will be sure to achieve your goals without crossing the border by doing so.

Redhead, Doctor of Medicine: You can and will need to eat a varied diet and the amount should be sufficient to avoid hunger discomfort. By using Eco Slim you will slim down, diets are not necessary.

Hélène Lefevre: Dr. Roux, we also received the information that there are several fake products on the market, so tell us, where can we buy the real Eco Slim and how can we be sure not to buy fake products?

Roux, doctor of medicine: Eco Slim has been certified in France and the safest way to buy it (before it appears in the pharmacy) is to order it on the official supplier's website. It ensures quality and protects you from fake products.

Hélène Lefevre In conclusion, I wish everyone good health. And remember that modern medicine can solve many problems with a healthy and effective method! Eco Slim is an example.

For those who want to lose weight, don't forget these two important principles. First - to lose weight, you don't need to starve yourself of food! And the second - to lose weight, you will have to take the Eco Slim! Take care of yourself!

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Is this product natural? I am diabetic and I have allergies to several medications, even antibiotics: (But I'm so anxious to lose weight!

Hélène Lefevre, the presenter (Paris) 15.11.2016 - 07:37

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If they are real customers, and just like you, I understood the scam through research.

This page explains VERY well:

2 very different compositions and dosage forms are a monstrous scam, contactless or "after-sales".

Overcrossing that can be dangerous to health

(If you take into account the French dosage for the Spanish product, you will take 3 times a day 25 drops of taurine, hello the thrilling!), and where else than on the Internet find the recommended dosage since there is NO customer service.

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